Dom And David Both Had Their Birthdays This Week -- Check Out How They Celebrated!

And catch up with the rest of the cast too!

1. It was Dom's birthday on Monday!

Happy Birthday you beautiful man!

2. Katherine got all emotional in her beautiful birthday message to her co-star.

3. Matt also had some special words for his Parabatai.

We hope this joke goes on forever.

4. Dom had the cutest birthday companion!

Rajah and I ready for tonight's @shadowhunterstv on @freeform 8/7c

A photo posted by Dom Sherwood (@domsherwood) on

Rajah has grown so much -- we remember when she was a tiny kitten.

5. And it was David's birthday too! He turned 21.

He's so young -- basically still a baby!

6. The birthday boy and Alberto were dressed to impress.

Wearing incredibly sharp suits is a key part of being a vampire!

7. Meanwhile, Harry was making interesting food choices.

We think that pizza might be slightly burned.

8. Will and Katherine took a trip to the aquarium together.

We went to the aquarium...just for the halibut. πŸ˜‰πŸŸ @willtudor1

A photo posted by Katherine McNamara (@kitkatsmeow) on

Katherine loves a good pun!

9. It's great to see Will fitting in so well!

We can't wait to see what his character is like.

10. Alisha gave us a wink!

Things get a little messy in tonight's episode of #Shadowhunters-- catch it tonight on Freeform 8p/7c

A photo posted by Alisha Wainwright (@alishawainwright) on

Or maybe the sun was just shining in her eyes. Still cute!

11. Katherine keeps finding herself in gorgeous locations.

A little birdy told me it's less than 2 hours until #IronSisters... join us #ShadowhuntersChat 8/7c on @freeform.

A photo posted by Katherine McNamara (@kitkatsmeow) on

We really want that wallpaper.

12. And we got to see a BTS video of the Malec date!

A round of pool, anyone? 🎱 Behind the scenes with #Malec. #ShadowhuntersSeason2

A video posted by Shadowhunters (@shadowhunterstv) on

We wonder who won that game of pool in the end...

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