Don't Have Plans For Valentine's Day? Recreate The Malec Date With The Music Of S2E6!

You will need: a cocktail, a pool table, and 17,000 exes.

The Malec date was beautiful, romantic and emotional.

And do you know what made it so intense? The amazing soundtrack! Recreate their first date for yourself with the music from S2E6. Magnus and Alec will be with you in spirit!

Magnus and Alec start their date with a round of drinks.

"Late Night Radio" by Outsider plays as Magnus tries to order Alec the perfect beverage. Listen to the track again by clicking here!

Alec and Magnus show off their skills.

A friendly game of pool brings out the competitive side of both men. Play a game while listening to "Echo Girl" by Dutch Party to relive the experience. Click here to get the tune!

Magnus learns something surprising about Alec.

This moment was so intense that an original song was created just for the scene! Listen to "The Lifeboat" by Liam O'Donnell for an authentic Malec experience.

Alec asks Magnus an important question.

Alec gets more than he bargained for when Magnus decides to open up about his dating history. "Standing on My Own" by Max Jury makes this moment even more awkward and hilarious than you could imagine. Listen again by clicking here!

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