Dying To Visit The Hunter's Moon? You'll Feel Like You Have With The S2E7 Soundtrack!

You might even bump into Jace and Simon...

This week's episode was hilarious and heartbreaking!

Most importantly, the soundtrack was absolutely incredible. Almost all of our favorite characters showed up at the Hunter's Moon and the music was pumping. Get all the info on the best tunes of S2E7 right here!

Jace is not the best roommate.

Alec and Magnus try to enjoy a romantic evening together, but keep getting distracted by the sounds coming from Jace's room! "Got It Bad" by Leisure sets the scene for this confrontation between Jace and Alec. Get the tune by clicking here.

Magnus is suspicious of Izzy.

"Rattlesnake" by Wages plays as Izzy comes to the Hunter's Moon to track down a Yin Fen supplier. Magnus foils her plan and starts to wonder if she is hiding something. Listen to the tune again by clicking here!

Simon bumps into Izzy at the Hunter's Moon.

Simon arrives a little bit early for his night with Maia. While he waits for her to finish her shift he spots an old friend. Listen to "Strange Stars" by Faces on Film again by clicking here!

Jace interrupts Maia and Simon's conversation.

"27 Kids" by GRMLN plays as Maia and Simon chat at the bar. Jace orders some drinks for his friends and has a hostile reunion with Maia.

Simon and Jace talk girls.

Jace shares some of his flirting techniques with Simon while "All the Right Moves" by The Blah Blah Blahs plays in the bar. Relive this hilarious scene by clicking here!

Simon tries not to be himself.

Maia finishes her shift and joins Simon for a drink. "Ever" by Tiny Deaths plays as Simon uses his new Jace skills to impress Maia. Get the tune by clicking here!

Maia forgives Simon.

After Jace's tricks failed to impress Maia, Simon realizes he needs to just be himself. "Faux" by Ed Tullett & Novo Amor plays as Simon begs for forgiveness. Listen again by clicking here!

Have you seen S2E7 yet? Watch it right here on Freeform!

And tell us what song you'd pick from the jukebox if you went to the Hunter's Moon.

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