Emeraude Is Ready To Share Another Season 2B Secret - Unlock Her Video Now

We're counting down to June 5.

To celebrate the premiere of Season 2B we have 14 exclusive cast videos for you.

Each member of the Shadowhunters cast will reveal two clues about the upcoming episodes. All you have to do is tweet with #ShadowhuntersSeason2 to unlock the latest video. Keep an eye on this page for the big reveal after we reach 20,000 tweets.

You did it, Shadowhunters fans! Watch this video of Emeraude talking about Season 2B:

Short and snappy, we love it. She really knows how to create suspense...

Share your predictions about Season 2B in the comments below.

And binge Season 1 and 2A while you wait for the new episodes coming June 5.

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