Episode 102: The Cast's Commentary!

So the Shadowhunters were watching episode two when it aired on Freeform last night (when they weren't busy on their phones tweeting that is!) We've rounded up all of their social posts for you to bring you up to speed on what went on during filming episode two!

Preparations for episode two viewing? Obligatory runes of course!

Luke gets all badass on us!

Hot Hodge everybody!

Poor Clary! First her mom goes missing then Hodge drops this bombshell!!

Forget drama school, just check out Domberto's acting tips. They know how to keep us occupied during the breaks!

We think she did too Katherine!

Isaiah reveals sneaky shots from the set.

Emeraude spills all on Sizzy's romantic dinner for two.

Oh Simon...

Running in these?! That girl's got skills!

Don't we know it!

Brother Jeremiah makes his Shadowhunters debut.

But a little birdie told us that he isn't new to his role! 

We wonder what this could be!

*Shocked face!*

Who's excited?!

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