Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap

Between the Mortal Cup, all the Demons, and that kiss, episode seven left our heads spinning! Read the official recap of Major Arcana here to make sure you're up-to-date on all things Shadowhunters!

Does Clary know where the Mortal Cup is?

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1002

At Magnus’ place, Clary tells Jace and Magnus that she thinks the Mortal Cup is hidden in the tarot cards her mother made and gave to Dot years ago. Her excitement is short lived, however, when they remind her that the tarot cards must have disappeared when Dot was killed. That's when a recovering Luke tells them that he had hidden the cards at the precinct for safekeeping. He warns that collecting the cards won’t be easy as Valentine has spies everywhere – even in the NYPD – but he agrees to try and retrieve the cards with Clary and Jace the next morning.

But the morning brings a little surprise...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1003

Maureen and Simon wake up having spent the night together at her place! When talking in bed, Simon accidentally calls Maureen ‘Clary’. Smooth. He freaks out when he realises his mistake and frantically gets dressed, reassuring Maureen that she’s more than just a hook up as he leaves.

Meanwhile, at the precinct.

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1004

Luke heads into his office but as he’s looking through his stuff, Detective Fisk from Internal Affairs barges into the room and demands that Luke hands over his badge and gun. As Luke is taken away by Fisk for questioning, he hides the tarot cards and leaves them in his desk. Clary waits anxiously outside the station but Jace sees him being taken away by IA Officers.

And at the Institute...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1005

Izzy is packing away some of her belongings, including a framed picture of Meliorn. She finds her dad banging on Alec’s bedroom door and Robert says he needs Alec to complete paperwork for the Clave. Izzy insists she can do it and assures her dad that she will take care of everything. 

Remember, Valentine's spies are everywhere...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1006

While Luke is being interrogated by Fisk about recent murders in the city, Jace and Clary use their glamour to sneak into the interrogation room. Luke advises them to head to his office carefully since the precinct is full of Valentine’s spies who will see through their glamour.  

Just cocktails? Sure Alec, whatever you say...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1008

Alec arrives at the Institute after spending a night drinking cocktails with Magnus. (!!!!!!) Izzy snoops for more information but Alec insists nothing happened between them. Izzy is unconvinced but lets it go and tells Alec about her break-up with Meliorn.

Come on, babe...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1009

To get the tarot cards from Luke’s desk, Clary devises a plan of staging a (hilarious) fake fight with Jace. Captain Susanna Vargas asks officers to escort Jace out of the building and informs Clary that everything from Luke’s desk has been taken to the evidence vault. As Clary leaves, Vargas tells a by-standing officer she is heading out for lunch. But once Vargas’ back is turned, we see that the officer is a shapeshifting demon and he follows Vargas out…

Thirst for blood?

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1011

At Java Jones’, Simon is watching a classic vampire movie, checking his teeth for fangs, listing his recent vampire-esque traits and eating a garlic bagel. Tasty. When he takes a sip of coffee, red liquid appears at his mouth and his coffee pot appears to overflow with blood...

Vargas gets real mean, real quick!

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1012

Back at the precinct, Vargas demands for a full inventory of the evidence taken from Luke’s desk from Fisk. Vargas follows Fisk through Luke’s office, but when a dog starts barking at the two we realise that Vargas doesn’t seem herself… 

You'd think a police precinct was the safest place in town...

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1013

Jace and Clary leave the precinct seemingly defeated and meet with Alec and Izzy. While the four hatch a plan to break into the evidence vault, Luke finds Vargas dead in her office. 

Simon Smash!

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1014

Back at home, as Simon Googles his symptoms (poor Simon!), his mom and sister come into his room and express concern for him. When they start to talk incessantly over him, he gets very angry and smashes his desk to pieces. Oops.

Is that what we think it is...?

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1015

Izzy shuts down the power at the precinct so Clary and Jace can break into the Evidence vault where they find the tarot card with the Mortal Cup, but Clary can’t take the cup from the card. With the Mortal Cup card tucked safely away in her bag, Clary and Jace head outside and find Izzy and Alec.  However, the team soon realizes that they’re surrounded by demons posing as mundanes.

Blood is stronger than will…

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1016

When a tearful Simon calls Clary and leaves her a message saying he thinks he’s becoming a vampire, Camille Belcourt appears and taunts Simon as he looks at his newly formed fangs.

The Mortal Cup!

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1017

In the basement of the precinct, Clary, Jace and Izzy are attacked by Shax Demons. Having already left Alec guarding the entrance to the basement, the trio decide to split up. Clary heads down some extremely creepy corridors and hits a dead end. As demons scurry towards her, Clary removes the Mortal Cup from the tarot card and uses this to ward them off. 

Jace IS a Demon! A Demon of luuuuuurve!

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1018

Clary heads back to meet Jace but gets suspicious when he asks for the Mortal Cup. Going with her gut instinct Clary stabs Jace revealing that he was in fact a demon. Phew! Luke and Alec find Clary and take her back to Jace at the Institute, where they share a super romantic moment. Although Alec isn’t too happy about it…

Live Your Way Now...And Forever?

Shadowhunters - Episode 107: "Major Arcana" Official Recap - 1019

Feeling lost, Simon heads to the Hotel Du Mort to find Raphael to ask for his help. Camille appears (again!) and tells Simon that he’s feeling the effects of her blood and that he is still human, that is, until she lunges at him for a second course of Simon en Croûte. Bon appetit!  

An insane amount of things happened in episode seven! Tell us what your favorite scenes were in the comments below!

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