Episode 5: The Shadowhunters Cast's Commentary!

The cast went on a tweeting frenzy during Moo Shu To Go last night. We've rounded up all of their social posts for you to bring you up to speed on what went on during filming episode five!

It's like Katherine is taking the words right out of Isaiah's mouth.

Katherine is ready!

Who didn't get shivers when Maryse Lightwood entered the fray?

Dom quickly apologised for Jace's foolishness towards Alec!

We got a great set tour from Jade Hassoune himself.

Dominic commended Alan Van Sprang's impressive talents.

Emeraude raised a seriously important point!

Dominic gave Katherine a practical lesson on how to open a door.

Dominic pondered the importance of the box.

Katherine pulled out the wittiest of puns...

Isaiah pumped us up for a massive showdown involving Luke!

Katherine pointed out that the gang had gotten themselves into a sticky situation!

What were some of your favorite moments during the live chat? Let us know in the comments below!

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