Episode Five: Introducing The Werewolves!

Simon's gone and got himself kidnapped. Again! But this time his captors are considerably more hairy! Find out everything you need to know about these fearsome four-legged foes right now.

Theo (Ari Cohen)

Shadowhunters - Episode Five: Introducing The Werewolves! - 1001
Theo is the Alpha leader of the New York werewolf pack. The group hides out in a Chinese restaurant building known as the Jade Wolf. Like the vampires holed up in Hotel DuMort, Theo knows how important the Mortal Cup is. He wants it in the hands of the werewolves once and for all.

Alaric (Joel Labelle)

Shadowhunters - Episode Five: Introducing The Werewolves! - 1002
Alaric works with Luke Garroway as a New York cop. Together they've been investigating the string of demonic murders taking place throughout the city. It appears that the Shadow World may not be as well hidden from mundanes as they had originally thought. Luke asks Alaric to help him find Clary and Simon, but he has also been given orders from Theo. Who will Alaric obey?

Luke (Isaiah Mustafa)

Shadowhunters - Episode Five: Introducing The Werewolves! - 1003
Luke is the closest thing to a dad that Clary has had in her life. She has always known him as Detective Garroway at work, and as a long time friend of her mom's at home. Clary is really hurt and upset when she overhears Luke speaking with some of Valentine's Circle members in episode one. Would Luke betray her and Jocelyn so easily? 

Luke has another side to him!

Shadowhunters - Episode Five: Introducing The Werewolves! - 1004
Luke, transforming into a werewolf, attacks Theo (The Alpha!) in order to protect Clary and her friends. Luke gains control of the New York pack and Clary gets to see that he is a good guy after all! Comforting a wounded Luke at the end of episode five, Clary says how sorry she is for ever doubting him.                              

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