Episode Four: Meet The Vampires!

Poor Simon, he's always getting himself in to sticky situations isn't he? Hotel DuMort isn't somewhere we'd be running back to anytime soon. Get to know some of the vamps a little better below.

Camille Belcourt (Kaitlyn Leeb)

Shadowhunters - Episode Four: Meet The Vampires! - 1001
Camille Belcourt, the leader of the New York vampires, is dangerously beautiful. Like a cat mercilessly playing with a mouse, she will toy with the lives, and affections, of those around her. Camille is highly aware that "she who controls the mortal cup controls the Shadow World." She will stop at nothing to get her hands on the prized possession, even if that means breaking the Accords. A word of advice, don't accept an "original recipe" Bloody Mary from her, you've been warned!

Raphael Santiago (David Castro)

Shadowhunters - Episode Four: Meet The Vampires! - 1002
We met Raphael Santiago in episode three when he was holding poor Simon as a hostage. Raphael isn't your stereotypical vampire, he doesn't wear a cloak, he is pretty good at hiding his pointy fangs, and he coped remarkably well what with having a dagger thrown at his chest and all. We've yet to see him anywhere near garlic breath though. He can be pretty scary when he wants to be, but also has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Although his allegiance is primarily to the vampires, Raphael knows that if Valentine got the Mortal Cup he could bring chaos to the Shadow World. He therefore respects the Shadowhunters, and their quest of ensuring peace and safety for all.

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