Every Wonderful Malec Moment Is Perfectly Captured In This Beautiful Playlist

Including the heartbreaking ones.

Every week from now until the season 2 finale, we'll be releasing an exclusive Shadowhunters Spotify Playlist that celebrates one of your favorite ships from the show. This week...Malec! Listen to the playlist below to relive every moment of their relationship, from Magnus' shameless flirting with a totally clueless Alec to the tragedy of being forced onto opposite sides of a Shadow World war. Then read on for exclusive commentary from Shadowhunters music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington.

Malec's playlist:

Ever since their unforgettable first kiss, Magnus and Alec's romance has taken our breath away, and the music on their playlist has the exact same effect. We have enjoyed every minute of their relationship, and we're so happy we can relive all of our favorite Malec moments with these songs.

Lindsay explains the choices behind the Malec playlist:

"There are some obvious big Malec moment songs in here, and then the others are ones we added to our Malec folder throughout the season, just waiting for the right scene. In my mind, Malec songs have an intimacy and soulfulness to them - a groove that you could slow dance or kiss too. That’s how I felt about 'ILYSB - stripped,' 'Closer,' 'Coloring,' and 'Touch.' 'Good Together' and 'Location' balance things out by being a bit more upbeat, and I love how 'Location' is super contemporary and cool, and talks about being a new relationship, working on communication and traveling the world! And 'Silhouette' speaks to the times things aren’t always so easy in relationships and how painful that distance can feel."

Which Malec track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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