[EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS] The Lightwoods!

So, after getting to know the cast even better this weekend at New York Comic Con, we've gone mad for the Lightwoods! Here's a few more sneaky photos of some of our favorite siblings for you to enjoy.

So, here they are, our two favorite demon-slaying siblings!

Shadowhunters - [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS] The Lightwoods!  - 1004

And just look how fabulous they are! I mean check out Izzy's boots! It takes one bad-ass Shadowhunter to walk in those kind of heels! 

Shadowhunters - [EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS] The Lightwoods!  - 1005

And in case you're wondering where Max Lightwood is, well, let's just say he was too busy causing chaos on set to be photographed!

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