Dominic Sherwood answered questions live on Twitter as fans asked him questions using #AskDom. Find out what happened.

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Shadowhunters - EXCLUSIVE TWITTER CHAT With Dominic Sherwood - 946

Thanks for all your questions! If you missed the live chat on Twitter read on to catch up on all the questions and answers.

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Here's a pic live from the set of Dom and Katherine!

Shadowhunters - EXCLUSIVE TWITTER CHAT With Dominic Sherwood - 947

Catch up on the chat

Dom even took the time to do what he does best, tease Katherine McNamara!

She wasn't too pleased...

Naturally, Dom is a dog person...

And we weren't too surprised since OHMYGOD PUPPY!

Happy fourth from these two happy swan loving boys! ๐ŸŽ‰โœจ๐Ÿน

A photo posted by Sarah Hyland (@therealsarahhyland) on

Dom also revealed that his life truly revolves around acting...

... And a weird passion for scooters.

He is also the self-proclaimed funniest member of the cast.

Dom also showed off some of Jace's razor sharp whit while keeping his favorite movie super mysterious...

Oh, and he appears to have the sarcastic humor down too!

A fan was kind enough to make us relive the horror of the Silent Brothers.

As do we all, Dom.  They are truly terrifying.

Even his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah Hyland, got in on the action!

It definitely perked the ears of a certain Mundie...

Who wouldn't want this?

You can't be him Dom, but you sure can smell like him.

He appears to have already formed a tight bond with the cast members!

Oh and Dom, your Parabatai has a message for you...

And a certain red head agrees!

5 Minutes to go!

Questions please!

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