Emeraude Toubia answered questions live on Twitter that fans were asking her using #AskEmeraude. Find out what happened...

And thank you Emeraude!

Thanks everyone for joining us and for your questions!

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Only 3 minutes until the end of the live chat - last chance to ask your questions!

And another bonus pic with Katherine!

Bonus pic of Emeraude!

Keep tweeting everyone!

Mr Harry Shum Jr with a question! Will Emeraude answer...?

And he gets his answer...

Matthew with his now customary question!

And Katherine gets her answer!

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Last week's live chat star has already got her question in!

20 minutes to go!

Shadowhunters - EXCLUSIVE TWITTER CHAT With Emeraude Toubia - 1993

Not long to go - ask your questions now!

Emeraude Toubia (@EmeraudeToubia) will be answering questions LIVE from the Shadowhunters set on Twitter this Tuesday, July 28th, at 3pm EST/12pm PST!  Tweet your questions using #AskEmeraude and we will feature all the answered questions on the site!

Don’t forget to check back here during the chat as we’ll be reporting live on her answers – and we will be sure to get some exclusive photos during the live chat too!

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