Katherine McNamara answered questions live on Twitter that fans were asking her using #AskKat. Find out what happened...

And thanks to you Katherine!

On who won between Clary vs Alec:

If she loves Pretty Little Liars:

On hearing that #AskKat was trending in the US:

If she has a play that's changed her life:

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Her favorite quote from Shadowhunters so far:

How she would describe the dynamic between Clary and Izzy on the show:

How excited she is about the show on a scale of Alec to Magnus:

Her first impressions of the cast:

The current episode they are shooting:

What she thinks of the Silent Brothers:

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Her favorite author:

If she loves France:

Her favorite movie quote:

She also took the time to hilariously sum up Isaiah Mustafa!

This led to Isaiah imparting some wisdom.

What she would spend a whole day doing:

On how awesome it is to play Clary Fray:

If she'd have a better chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse with the Shadowhunters or Scorch Trials cast:

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Something big is coming! Stay tuned!

The character she'd most like to portray and why (except Clary of course!):

The best and worst of Dom as Jace:

What she loves the most about the Shadowhunters universe:

On her relationship with Maxim Roy:

If Isaiah Mustafa REALLY smells of Old Spice...

On the song she relates most with Clary:

On fighting demons in heels:

Trust Matthew to ask this question!

Katherine took no time at all to respond.

If she could have any superpower:

If there's a movie or TV show she could watch over and over again without getting bored:

Who she would take with her if she was stuck on a desert island:

On Marvel movies:

The first thing she did when she found out she would play Clary:

Her favorite scene to shoot so far:

Describing her relationship with Dominic Sherwood:

Kat then sent out this cute photo.

What she loves about Clary's personality:

Her favorite song:

Her favorite band:

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A certain someone has already got his question in (and answer too!)

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Katherine McNamara (@Kat_McNamara) will be answering questions LIVE from the Shadowhunters set on Twitter in just a few short days! That's Tuesday, July 21st, at 4pm EST/1pm PST! Tweet your questions using #AskKat and the best questions will be featured here on the site!

Don’t forget to check back here during the chat as we’ll be reporting live on her answers – and we will be sure to get some exclusive photos during the live chat too!

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