Exclusive Video: Love Taking Quizzes? So Does The Shadowhunters Cast

Katherine, Alberto, and Emeraude answer some tough questions

There's nothing more fun than finding out what TV character you are or which show you should star in.

And the stars of Shadowhunters are just like the rest of us - addicted to quizzes. We had them take some of our favorite Shadowhunters and Stitchers quizzes and captured their reactions to the outcomes. Check out the exclusive cast video below and then take some of our amazing quizzes for yourself.

Want to take the same quizzes as Katherine, Alberto, and Emeraude?

Click here to discover if you're more Jace or Simon when you're flirting with someone, and then go find out which member of the Stitcher's program you would be. And catch up on the latest episodes of Shadowhunters and Stitchers now on Freeform.

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