Experience The Shadow World After Hours With The Season 2 Episode 15 Music Guide

These songs will make your night.

Simon got into a lot of trouble in season 2 episode 15 when he was led astray by a fellow Vamp. He was obviously in a dark place after the break up with Clary, and the music in this episode perfectly captured his emotions. Check out the amazing songs below.

1. Quinn meets Simon at Hunter's Moon.

We hear 'Loud(y)' by Lewis Del Mar playing in the bar as Simon tries to get over his heartbreak.

2. Simon feeds on a Mundane at a bleeder den.

Quinn brings Simon to a club where Mundanes let themselves be bitten by Vampires. The haunting 'Love Surrounds You' by Ramsey is a brilliant song choice for this scene.

3. Simon returns to the bleeder den when he realizes that Quinn killed Heidi.

'Burn it Down (Vectronic Remix)' by SPC ECO plays in the background while Simon confronts Quinn about Heidi's death.

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