Fan Art Friday: July 17 #FanArtFridaySilentBrothers

We are here to present you with our very first Fan Art Friday, and up this week? A call to submit your best Silent Brothers fan art!

Now's your big chance.

We are giving Shadowhunters fans a chance to submit your best artwork of this week's topic, the absolutely terrifying Silent Brothers!  Take a week! Next Friday, we'll put together a list of our favorites!

You can submit your art via Twitter by tweeting @ShadowhuntersTV along with your submission and the hashtag #FanArtFridaySilentBrothers.

If you are in need of inspiration, here is our previous article on the Silent Brothers.

Shadowhunters - Fan Art Friday: July 17 #FanArtFridaySilentBrothers - 1002

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