Fandemonium Friday: Fan Tweets of the Week

Every week, we are going to be looking for tweets that you, the fans, send @ShadowhuntersTV and put together a list of our favorites right here!

The Shadowhunters fandom? Is incredible. And here to prove it -- some of our favorite fan tweets of the week. Let's get started...

@AngelsSelDemi: Seriously cool, well done!

@ComeAlongRissy: 2016 can't come fast enough!


So true.

@regardingemily: You have missed SO much.

@UtschR5: We don't get anything done at work either!

@itssophiaduh: Agreed. Agreed. AGREED.

@Forever_CaBAEyo: We're hyperventilating just at the thought of it.

@MDaddarioSmile: Yep.

@Kelly_Horan_: There is going to be SO much glitter! Just you wait...

@AsadAli1993: This might be the most delicious looking cake we have ever seen.

Thanks, angels! Be sure to keep tweeting to us @ShadowhuntersTV!

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