Fandemonium Friday: The Mortal Institute

For our Fandom of the week, we've chosen The Mortal Institute, a great fan site that brings you all things Shadowhunters, as well as a great place to follow the latest on Cassandra Clare.

This week's fansite call-out is dedicated to The Mortal Institute, who released an awesome exclusive photo of the Shadowhunters cast hanging out in their trailer in between takes.

Click here to see!

We were lucky enough to chat with Amber Pruitt, Editor at The Mortal Institute this week to find out just what they thought of our favorite book series. Here's what she had to say... 

What is The Mortal Institute's main goal?

The Mortal Institute has always had the goal of connecting with other fans of the series. I like to chat with fans and find out all of the things that they love about the books, the movie and now the show. With the help of Humility (my co-admin) and the other girls who pitch in on the site, we try our best to share all of the things that fans love and connect with them as often as we can. 

What led you to first start The Mortal Institute site?

My love for The Mortal Instruments is what drove me to start The Mortal Institute. I loved the books so much and I wanted to meet other people that did too. I realized how cool it was to talk to Cassandra Clare on Twitter and connect with other bloggers, fans and people connected with the many projects associated with the fandom, I knew it was the fandom for me. I've made some of the best friends of my life because of this fandom and had so many amazing opportunities. I wouldn't trade for the world. 

What do you love the most about The Mortal Instruments?

One of the main reasons that I love The Mortal Instruments so much is because of the characters! I've always loved the dynamics between Simon and Clary. The moments shared between these two are some of my favorites in the whole series! Simon seems to change the most throughout the series, which makes me admire and appreciate him, but I think overall Magnus is my overall favorite character in the TMI books. He carries the burden of hundreds of years and the secrets of generations of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. He really has the toughest job in keeping it altogether under the pressures of an immortal life. 

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