Fangirlish: This Week's Pick for Fandemonium Friday

This week we're celebrating Fangirlish, an incredible fan site bringing you all of the latest news and gossip about a LOT of your favorite books. Read on to check out their exclusive photo of Clary!

This week's fansite call-out is dedicated to Fangirlish, who released an awesome exclusive photo of Clary Fray on the set of Shadowhunters

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Shadowhunters, downworldwers, and a mundane.

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Fangirlish was born out of a love for books. Covering everything from books to movies, the site has a fandom for almost everything! We were lucky enough to chat with Fangirlish this week to find out just what they thought of our favorite book series, The Mortal Instruments. Here's what they had to say... 

What do you love the most about The Mortal Instruments?

We have been fans of Cassie's since 2007. Her books have had a significant effect on our lives. They have been there in some of the best of times and some of the worst and they have always carried us through. We have covered the books, the movie and everything in between, and we continue to cover everything Cassie. 

Clary was always a character that we related to. She never knew the significance of her own strength but was able to find it and change the world with it. We've always felt like it's the characters in Cassie's stories that make her books so amazing. We hope that the series embodies those characters. 

What is it that you love so much about Cassandra Clare?

One thing that we have always loved about Cassie is her commitment to the fans. It's because of authors like her that Fangirlish exists. It's because of people like her that we are fangirls. Authors are our rockstars. 

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