Find Out Emeraude's Biggest Season 2 Regret In This Exclusive Interview

Warning: This interview has some huge spoilers.

If you haven't seen the season 2 finale 'Beside Still Water' yet, you should watch it before you read any further.

We love how passionate Emeraude is about Shadowhunters -- she's one of the biggest fans out there. Watch the videos below to see Emeraude's reactions to the end of another great season.

Emeraude misses Valentine.

A fight scene between Valentine and Izzy would have been awesome, but at least she got to take on Sebastian.

Emeraude talks about her favorite episode.

Seeing Izzy overcome the troubles she faced in season 2 episode 11 'Mea Maxima Culpa' was really inspiring.

She shares her excitement about season 3.

It's so interesting to see all the characters develop over time.

Watch the season 2 finale now.

And tell us in the comments if you're going to miss Valentine too.

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