Find Out How The Cast Reacted To Episode 12: Malec!

You're not the only one shipping Malec, the cast love them too! Here are some of their best tweets from last night!

Alberto was just as excited as the rest of us for this official Malec episode!

Even Jade wanted a Malec update!

While Dominic was prioritizing winter sports over his favorite ship!

Here we go!

All of our ladies were looking glamorous!

Tonight 🌹✨

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Matt wasn't sure if Malec was happening...

Nice try, buddy!

Harry and Adam were showing off their bromance!

Pity it was so short-lived :(

We were also excited to see Climon getting some screen time!

Alberto looked so handsome!

Isaiah was missing the big wedding scene!

But he knows Luke has his priorities in order.

Matt understands his character better than anyone!


Everyone was relieved to see Jalec reunited.

Well, almost everyone...

The entire cast were heartbroken about the mole reveal!

Meanwhile at the wedding...

All our favorite Shadowhunters were looking fierce!

And we were all waiting for the same thing...

Except Matt, who already knew what was coming!

Even people out snowboarding!


Too real.

Thank God Alberto was there to capture the moment on camera!

He's so talented...

Harry asked the question on everyone's mind...

Time will tell!

I guess we'll have to wait until next week!

Time to say goodbye to the cast for another week!

We love you guys!

Official episode breakdown courtesy of Matt...

We are so excited for the Spring Finale!

How did you guys feel about last night's episode? Let us know in the comments!

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