Grab Your Phone, Plug In Your Headphones And Jam To This S2E3 Soundtrack!

*starts bopping*

Jace makes his first visit to the Hunter's Moon.

Maia the bartender recognizes Jace as a Shadowhunter and offers him a free drink. "Howl" by Junip plays as Jace gets to know this potential new friend. Have your own Werewolf party by clicking here!

Elaine Lewis is missing and Simon is determined to find her.

Clary uses her newfound tracking skills to locate Elaine. Simon thanks her and prepares to give his mom the biggest shock of her life as "I Don't Wanna Leave Ya" by Danica Dora plays in the background. Relive that moment by clicking here !

Which tune from S2E3 was your fave?

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