Happy Birthday To Cassie Clare: The Amazing Woman Who Gave Us Shadowhunters!

We owe her so much!

Today is a very important day for the entire Shadowhunters fandom! Happy birthday Cassandra Clare!

Off to NYC Comicon! I'll be tweeting from there and look out for the Lady Midnight cover reveal around 2PM EST!

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Looking beautiful as usual!

Cassie has given us so many wonderful things!

With my Jace and Alec @domsherwood1 and @matthewdaddario on set. I am sooo short.

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An amazing book series that changed all of our lives!

And she's not finished yet...

And those wonderful books led to the incredible TV series that we're all seriously addicted to!

With Kat and Eme at the freeform launch! #shadowhunters

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Three seriously glamorous ladies right there...

She also gifted us with this adorable video of Matt and Dom saying Parabatai!

How to say PARABATAI, a lesson with Dom Sherwood and Matt Daddario. #shadowhunters

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Cassie knows what the fans really want...

She absolutely loves her fans and wants us to stick together!

#Shadowhuntersfandomunited is how we won MTV New Fandom of the Year!

Seriously, have you seen all the fan events she goes to?

First signed copy of City of Heavenly Fire #CoHF

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She must have signed 1 billion books by now!

And she always responds to her fans on social media!

Where does she find the time??

Just like us, she's super excited about the second season of Shadowhunters!

Two brilliant minds, together at one table!

The Shadowhunters cast love her just as much as we do!

With Luke ( @isaiahmustafa) discussing werewolf transformations on set of #shadowhunters

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Our love knows no limits!

She takes secret pictures of Malec behind the scenes!

I hear it's Malec Week, so some candid Harry and Matthew for you. Hope you're all well!

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Basically she's as big a fangirl for Harry and Matt as we are!

In fact, she shares behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast all the time!

And we are so grateful to her!

We're so thankful that this wonderful woman came into our lives!

Look how cute she was as a child!

We love you Cassie!

On my way to ABC's Pop Up Santa to meet contest winners. Winking because of the surprises I know we have for them..;)

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Think happy thoughts for her today, Angels!

Follow her on social media and send her birthday wishes today!

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