How to Report a Demon in 6 Simple Steps

Spotted a demon and you don't know what to do? We threw together a few quick tips.

1. Measure up the demon and figure out if you can take it.

We think Hodge is good.

2. Demon spotting is similar to bird watching. If you don't know the species, write down any distinguishable features.

3. Consult a Warlock, maybe.

4. Determine how many there are. We recommend taking on no more than zero at a time.

A pack-a alpaca. Note: some alpaca do not appreciate head pats

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These are not demons. As far as we can tell. But come on, this is adorable. 

5. Note their location and determine whether they pose harm to anybody. And contact professionals.

6. Report back to somebody who can actually do something about it, as this most likely isn't you.

He'll do.

Did we miss out any crucial tips on how to survive a demon attack? Let us know in the comments box below!

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