How to Turn Harry Shum Jr into a Warlock

If you've ever wondered (you have!) how to turn a handsome actor into the High Warlock of Brooklyn, here's your step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Strap on some sweet polka dot shoes. Drawn-on tongue is optional.

Step 2. Throw in a sparkly handkerchief. This is, by the way, just sound fashion advice for all of us. But Warlocks mostly.

Step 3. Continue to post a series of ominous photos to build up suspense for a massive fanbase. Because you can.

Step 4. Reveal yourself to the world in front of a sparkly dog.

Found a stray.

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Step 5. Remember that dogs are exceedingly loyal creatures. Also remember to feature the shoes.

Step 6. Surround yourself with a posse. Warlocks require a lot of social interaction. The posse thing is CRUCIAL.

Step 7. Get a selfie with your favorite Shadowhunter. And we do mean favorite.

Step 8. Throw some shapes in an awesome dance-off.

That pretty much does it, right? Warlock in 8 steps. 

The fact is: Harry Shum, Jr makes for a perfect Magnus Bane. Even Cassandra Clare herself gave her stamp of approval. Three years ago!

Our New Crush. Seriously.

Baby baby baby-Eh-A! @therealchilli @kitkatsmeow @albertorosende @matthewdaddario @isaiahmustafa

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