ICYMI: Alan Van Sprang Had The Most Hilarious Takeover!

He is much less evil than his show counterpart...

1. Alan absolutely crushed it with an awesome live chat with fans, answering all of their questions about the show!

2. He starts every day meticulously perfecting the Valentine look...

When you're taking over the world, your head's gotta be fresh!

3. Before he heads to set looking seriously badass.

4. He discussed how tough it was looking so much like Dom -- people mistake them for each other ALL the time!

We see it Alan, don't you worry!

5. When you are trying to take over the world, there is nothing more important than studying up for the big day!

6. He truly is our perfect Valentine...

And we LOVE his Angelic Power rune tattoo.

Thanks for the amazing takeover, Alan!

Tell us in the comments who you would like to see for the next Tuesday takeover.

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