ICYMI: We Won New Fandom Of The Year AND Production Of Season 2 Begins Soon!

Soooooo much happened this week!


This is for you #ShadowhuntersArmy !! We won !! Best new fandom #FandomAwards 😍!!

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Obviously, we knew we were the best already but now it's OFFICIAL!

2. Seriously though, remember when we won??


3. And they were all so grateful to the fans!

We love you too, Maxim!

4. "The fans make this real!"

Damn straight, Dom!

5. Anyway... what were we talking about again?

Here we go @mtvfandom 😍!

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Other things happened this week too... probably.

6. In other news, the Shadowhunters cast are headed back to Toronto!


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Looking good, Harry.

7. Some went by plane...

Back to #Toronto and #Shadowhunters

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You can tell he's already in character.

8. Others by sea!

Definitely my #HappyPlace #ocean #boatlife 🌊🐬🐠🐟 πŸ›₯

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JK, Maxim did not travel to Toronto on a speed boat. How would that even work?

9. But they were all reunited in the end!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh @maximroy_ is following me around again!! #Helpimbeingstalked

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These two crack us up!

10. The important thing is that they're back in training for Season 2!

Hot damn, Alberto!

11. And getting wardrobe fittings!

We all know why Harry is first in line for costume fittings. It's clear he's going to have so many amazing outfits next season!

12. You know who could help Harry with those fittings?

The face of fashion: Matthew Daddario. #Trendsetter

13. They're totally ready to fight the Circle!

It's hard work being a traitor!

14. And kick some major Demon ass!

Go Katherine! We'd trust her with our life. And yours!

15. We are so excited to see all these beautiful faces back on our screens!

Lightwoods break noses and accept the consequences.

Stay tuned for more Season 2 updates!

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