If You Loved The Intense Soundtrack Of Episode 201 Then We Have A Treat For You!

Get the tunes right here.

1. Jace fights for his freedom!

It's father vs. son on Valentine's ship while ediT's "Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown LA" plays in the background. Check out this fight anthem right here!

2. Clary and Jocelyn have a heart-to-heart.

Jocelyn apologizes for the lies she has told over the years. Sierra Deaton's "Murmurs" makes us feel even more emotional as the mother and daughter discuss Jonathan and his absence from their lives.

3. Luke offers Simon a place to stay.

Simon is grateful to find shelter with his buddy Luke, but not everyone at the Jade Wolf is happy with this arrangement. Watch this confrontation and enjoy the sounds of "Buddha’s Light" by APM creating a mystical atmosphere at the Chinese restaurant.

4. Clary and Izzy train together.

These girls practice their badass moves while "Certified Air Raid Material" by ediT blasts in time to their swings and lunges. Relive this epic scene by clicking right here!

5. Simon and Clary reminisce on their childhood together.

It seems like Simon is working up the nerve to tell Clary how he really feels about her when suddenly the door crashes to the ground. Peter Bradley Adams's "Hey Believers (instrumental)" plays softly in the background during this heart-to-heart. Enjoy your own romantic moment by clicking here!

6. Jace defends himself against a Vampire attack.

Manipulated by Valentine, Jace walks into a Vampire layer and must fight his way back out. Once again, ediT create an intense atmosphere with their song "Fire Riddim." Relive the moment by getting the tune for yourself right here!

Did these songs make you want to kick some serious Demon ass?

Tell us your favorite tune in the comments.

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