Join The Hunt: "Clear Your View" For A Sneak Peek!

The Real Cost™ are spoiling us all! Complete the latest Hunt to reveal an exclusive sneak peek of Shadowhunters episode seven. What are you waiting for? Full details below.

You ready to sneak a peek at episode seven?

Can't wait for episode seven of Shadowhunters to hit your screens? We know the feeling. You could be watching an exclusive scene in minutes just by completing a simple Hunt. Have you got what it takes? Head on over to The Real Cost's Instagram page and check out their recent posts for your latest target. Don't let any Shadow World glamours fool you, you need to clear your view to be successful in this mission.

Shadowhunters - Join The Hunt: "Clear Your View" For A Sneak Peek! - 1002

As well as the awesome episode seven sneak peek, you will also earn 300 coins to spend in the Store. Must be your lucky day!

This Hunt is kindly brought to you by The Real Cost.

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