Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released, it's Pandemonium!

We've released another exciting hunt, and a bonus store item, on the official Shadowhunters Join The Hunt App. You gotta use your smarts to see if you can find the hidden target the fastest!

It's official guys, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! One of our favorite parts of the holidays are all the beautiful twinkling lights everywhere. Don't you just love them?

The Shadow World can become a pretty dark place from time to time and so we thought we'd brighten things up a little. We've added the Witchlight to the Store in Join The Hunt. Just tap on your coins to go to the Store and buy it.

It doesn't stop there though - we've also got a new Hunt for you. Head over to this article we published earlier and work out which image to scan. You'll reveal the Pandemonium sign and you might even earn enough coins to buy your very own Witchlight too. Happy Holidays!

Shadowhunters - Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released, it's Pandemonium! - 1004

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