Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released "Join the Pack"!

Those friendly folks at The Real Cost™ are helping us to bring you an exciting new Hunt! Can you piece together the clues below to unlock an amazing new item for your Collection?

Like Luke's lycanthropy?

Complete our new Hunt and you'll be able to transform yourself into a werewolf whenever you wish! Are you ready to rock some glowing green eyes?

How do I complete this Hunt?

If you want to join the pack you need to get in training! Being a werewolf takes strength, bravery and the need for speed. Don't let cigarettes stunt your lungs or you'll soon find rival werewolves tailing you pretty quick! Use the clues from this article to scan a target on The Real Cost's Instagram page

Shadowhunters - Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released "Join the Pack"! - 1003

As a new member of the pack, you will also earn 500 coins to spend in the Store.

Remember to use #jointhehunt so we can check out your werewolf inspired photos. You might even find yourself starring on our website.

This Hunt is kindly brought to you by The Real Cost.

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