[Join The Hunt] New Hunt Released: Lady Midnight!

Complete this Hunt to get your hands on some Magnus approved magic today!

How do I get my very own Warlock inspired Wards?

Lady Midnight is finally here and let's be honest, nobody wants spoilers. Better get some protective Wards up ASAP! The key to becoming an incredible Warlock, like Magnus Bane, lies in your very own hands. Simply scan the book cover using your Join The Hunt app to reveal some amazing magic. Use The Sight to help keep the secrets of the Shadow World hidden until you choose to discover them for yourself!

Shadowhunters - [Join The Hunt] New Hunt Released: Lady Midnight! - 1004

As a congratulations for completing this latest Hunt you will receive an amazing 650 coins to spend in the Store!

Please share your incredible selfies with us using #jointhehunt as we love seeing them all! Remember to keep checking back as you might even find yourself in one of our galleries right here on the site.

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