Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released "Read The Cards"!

We can see a brand new exciting Hunt in your futures, Shadowhunters fans! Are you ready? Of course you are! Check out the article below to find out where to start your search.

I can't wait to own the Tarot card pack. Where should I begin my hunt?

Want to get your hands on Jocelyn Fray's beautifully painted pack of Tarot cards? Perhaps you want to find out if there's love in your future in the run up to Valentine's day! Head on over to the ShadowhuntersTV Instagram to begin your new Hunt. Open your app and tap Use The Sight to scan the photo that will best reveal your fortune.

Shadowhunters - Join The Hunt: New Hunt Released "Read The Cards"! - 1004

Not only will you get the beautiful Tarot Cards, you will also see 300 coins in your future!

Remember to share your photos with your fellow Shadowhunters fans using #jointhehunt. We might even feature you right here on the website too!

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