[Join The Hunt] New Hunt Released: The Mortal Cup?

Have you got a hold of the real Mortal Cup or have you been tricked by Clary and Jace? Find out right now!

Think you could tell the real Mortal Cup from a fake?

Clary is getting pretty amazing at casting glamours nowadays huh? If she can outsmart Valentine, does that mean she can do the same to you? Simply find the article which tells you all the things we learnt from episode 11 to locate your next target! Scan the Mortal Cup to see if you are holding the real deal, or a dud, in your hand! You ready?

Shadowhunters - [Join The Hunt] New Hunt Released: The Mortal Cup? - 1002

Not only will you score an exciting new item for your Collection, you'll earn 350 coins too!

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