Join The Hunt: New Hunt released, Us Weekly!

Look for the ad in Us Weekly for a brand new Hunt. We're in the latest edition and the app will reveal a terrifying pair of Ravener Jaws!

There are lots of scary demons to watch out for in the Shadow World, most terrifyingly: the Ravener Demon. But you’re ready to fight them right? Wrong! Keep yourself safe by first finding an Iratze healing rune so that you're demon venom ready.

If you’re as speedy as a Shadowhunter, find a white Iratze rune in a black circle in Us weekly magazine! Once you've found it, use The Sight in the app, and focus it so that the circle fills most of the viewfinder.

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You'll get 500 coins as a reward for your quick thinking bravery. You will also reveal a pair of gruesome Ravener Jaws so that you can terrorise the demons straight back to where they came from!

Share your chilling Ravener Jaws photos on Twitter and Instagram using #jointhehunt.

Let's show those demons who's boss!

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