[Join The Hunt] New Store Item "Insight Rune"!

Brother Jeremiah totally called Malec! How did he know? Insight of course!

Silent Brother skills!

Shadowhunters - [Join The Hunt] New Store Item "Insight Rune"! - 1001
Brother Jeremiah is one of the smartest guys in the Shadow World. Marked by an Insight Rune, he can read people with amazing accuracy. His little head tilt when Malec first kissed was one of our favorite moments ever. He totally saw that coming! How can we steal some of his Shadow World style?

How do I get this awesome rune?

It's simple, just follow these instructions:

  • Open your favorite Join The Hunt app
  • Click on your coins in the top right corner to access the Store
  • You'll need 550 coins to buy this item
  • Find "Insight Rune" in the Store
  • Tap "Buy Now"

If you have enough coins the amazing "Insight Rune" will be added to your Collection immediately! Simply tap "Mark Now" to become a super Shadowhunter.

Shadowhunters - [Join The Hunt] New Store Item "Insight Rune"! - 1003

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If you could ask Brother Jeremiah one question what would it be? Let us know below.

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