Know Any Shadowhunters Newbies?

Team! So, here you are, you've been following us at, and you think, "when the show starts in January, I have some friends I'll want to watch with." We fired up a way for you to get them caught up fast.

Fear Not Newbies!

We know just how tricky it can be to get your head around the Shadow World. From steles to runes to forsaken to downworlders, it's pretty complex stuff! That's why we've created an "I'm New" section to help bring everyone up to speed on all of the Shadowhunters know-how before the series airs in January! 

Shadowhunters - Know Any Shadowhunters Newbies? - 1003

So, if you're new to Shadowhunters, check out our brand new "I'm New" section and prepare to become a Nephilim know-it-all!  (Nephilim, it's a word that'll get it, we swear it's way simpler than it sounds...)

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