Learn All About The Amazing Maia During #AlishaTakeover!

Catch the best moments of Tuesday's takeover from Alisha Wainwright.

1. If you haven't been introduced to this absolutely awesome person yet, meet Alisha Wainwright!

2. Alisha plays the werewolf, Maia, in the upcoming season of Shadowhunters.

Expect plenty of battle scars in her future.

3. While Alisha and Dom are great pals on set, Maia and Jace can't stand each other in the show!

4. Is it too soon to be shipping #Claia?

5. We know one thing for sure, and that's that you are going to absolutely love Maia's style.

6. During her takeover travels, Alisha even came across some awesome Rock Solid Panda gear!

7. However, it already looks like Maia may be in trouble with the Alpha...

8. When she had the chance, Alisha took a moment to relax during a stressful day!

9. When it was time to wrap up the takeover, Alisha signed off with a message from her, Kat, Alberto and Stella.

Thanks for the great takeover, Alisha!

She also hosted a Facebook live chat to answer fans' questions, which you can see here.

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