Let's All Take A Moment To Laugh At Harry Shum Jr's Awesome Takeover

What happens when you give the High Warlock of Brooklyn your social accounts for the day?

It was Harry's turn to take over the Shadowhunters social accounts for the day, and he did not disappoint! Check out all the awesome highlights of his day below...

1. Harry, as always, started the day with a delicious cup of freshly made coffee.

2. However, we're not sure it tasted all that good...

3. He was really excited to start the live chat and interact with the fans!

4. Watch Harry's entire live chat with the fans below:

5. Harry then offered up some pretty suspect workout tips...

6. His fabulous look would not be complete without a sprinkle of hair cologne!

7. We even received an interesting "fact" from special guest Matthew Daddario.

8. Harry rolled onto set looking super cosy in his enormous orange jacket!

9. He then made a quick stop to visit Dom and asked him about his deepest fears.

10. Harry had one more stop in mind after a hard day's work...

11. When it was time to say goodbye, Harry rode off into the sunset!

Thanks for the amazing takeover!

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Let us know about your favorite moments from Harry's takeover in the comments below.

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