Listen To All Of The Beautiful Songs From The Summer Premiere Here

We missed having Shadowhunters music in our lives 🎵

Shadowhunters is back, and what better way to celebrate than listening to the wonderful music from the Summer Premiere. Check out the Season 2 Episode 11 music guide below to relive all the best moments.

Jace and Alec train together.

'Area' by MagnusTheMagnus plays as the two Parabatai go head-to-head, and Jace talks about his feelings for Clary.

Simon and Clary sit outside in the sun.

The soothing 'Patterns' by Jonathan Byron Belanger plays while Clary tries to convince Simon not to worry anymore.

Maia finds out about Simon's new ability.

'Here & Now' by Dresses provides the perfect accompaniment for this uplifting scene. Maia is delighted for Simon, but warns him not to draw too much attention to himself.

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