Listen To The Epic Music From The Winter Finale Right Here

Relive the emotional journey of S2E10 with our official music guide.

1. Izzy and Raphael share a touching moment.

Raphael tells Izzy how strong his affection for her has become, despite not being sexually attracted to her. At first Izzy thinks he just wants another taste of her Shadowhunter blood, but he convinces her that his feelings for her are genuine. Then Raphael finds out about the attack on the Institute and leaves in a hurry. He lies to Izzy about where he's going to protect her from the danger he's about to face. "Movement" by High Highs plays softly throughout this scene. Find the song here.

2. Izzy takes on four Circle members.

Alec and Aldertree are trapped and outnumbered by Valentine's men when Izzy arrives to save the day! "Sun Light" by N3XTST3P provides an energetic sound as Izzy takes out the bad guys! Find the full track here.

3. Simon surprises Clary with some happy news.

In this bittersweet ending to the Winter Finale, Simon takes Clary outside and shows her that he's not vulnerable to sunlight anymore. It's such a joyful moment as it means they can now have an almost normal relationship! However, Jace sees them embracing and realizes that even though he's not Clary's brother, he still can't have her. "Rising Rising (Bassnectar Remix) by Crywolf is a beautiful accompaniment to a scene which leaves us with mixed emotions. Listen to it again here.

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