Listen To The Music From S2E5 And Try To Hold Back The Tears

The Shadowhunters soundtrack just gets better and better.

Alec practices his archery.

Alec feels immensely guilty after Jocelyn's death and tries to clear his mind. "Metanoia" by Faux Tales plays as he stands alone on a rooftop, firing arrows through the night sky. Jace interrupts his training and pleads with Alec to forgive himself. Experience the emotional moment again by listening to the song here!

Jace and Izzy train together.

"Straight Shooter" by Skylar Grey plays as Jace and Izzy spar in the Institute. This high-energy track emphasizes their competitive sibling rivalry while they trade blows and talk trash. Click here to download the song!

The funeral.

S2E5 ends with a highly emotional scene in which the Shadowhunters perform funeral rites for their fallen friends, including Jocelyn. "Don't Forget About Me" by Cloves softly plays while Clary struggles to hold back her tears. You can find this hauntingly beautiful song here.

Re-watch S2E5 if you want to relive all these moments!

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