Listen To The Songs From Season 2 Episode 14 Here -- Including New Music By Ruelle

This soundtrack is perfection 🎶.

We're still recovering from all the drama in season 2 episode 14. That Clace kiss was spellbinding, and Ruelle's new song was the perfect accompaniment. Relive all the most emotional moments with our music guide below.

Sebastian interrupts Izzy's training.

'Under Attack' by Amy Stroup plays while Izzy trains, and Sebastian gives her some advice about confronting her mother.

The Seelie Queen plays a cruel game with Simon, Clary, and Jace.

The Seelie Queen forces Clary to face her true feelings. Ruelle's beautiful new song, 'The Other Side', was specially written for this scene.

Izzy tries to get back together with Raphael, and Clary apologizes to Simon.

We hear 'Hold Your Breath', another wonderful song by Ruelle, as Izzy and Clary both try to mend relationships.

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