Live! Now! Big Malec Night! Watch-a-long with the cast and writers!

We're posting the tweets and the instas and ALL THE THINGS from episode 12. It's called "Malec" and it's incredible.

Next week! The spring finale!

Hodge, no!

Go Reisz!



Seriously. Pull it together, everyone.

Harry! Checking in!


Like, yes.

Wait, so now what?

It aint over!


Yes, us too!

Behind the Scenes!

We all shouted and jumped around. It was cool.

You guys, we're all still freaking out.

Lydia! Lydia! Lydia!


Okay. Wait. Wait.

Are you taking our weekly episode kisses!? Because these are helpful!


This happened. And was great.

Hearts hearts hearts for Matt.

Sigh of relief. All around.

Quick music note!

Hashtag sailboat.


Some love for Sizzy

A good question!

A mole!


Aw. Thanks everyone!

Food nicknames

Matthew Daddario is a really next-level tweeter.

For real.

Quick word from Valentine.

Take note!

Always good to make an introduction. Check back later for a complete rundown on Ragnor Fell!


They have this fight a lot, actually.

Shout out to Lady Midnight!

We missed this! BUT LOOK AT IT!


Straight from the writers, again!

Lovely seeing you, Magnus. Yes.

We actually just spit out our beverages.

So here's what this looks like...

These two!

Welcome aboard, Isaiah!

This is killing us!

We were impressed by this too!

Words from the writers!

Matthew weighing in!

A word from Michael Reisz, the writer of tonight's episode!

We asked about what was important to him in writing this episode! 

You guys did THIS today. Nice job!

Quick word from Ed!

Are you ready for this?

You tweeted a bunch of stuff to unlock the photo of Malec from the wedding, you've driven all manner of fandemonium. And now the time has come. Follow along here! 

Keep this in mind!

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