Follow Along with the Cast Tweets during Episode 6!

We're watching your tweets, the tweets of the cast and writers, and our Fandemonium sites and putting them all into one place for you as we all watch Shadowhunters episode 6 together!

Thanks for tweeting along with us everyone! Here's a peek at next week!

Quick! Everyone! To the Periscope!

Great job on the episode, Shireen!


Wait, what?!


Freak out! Freak out! It's happening!


We're into this look, too!

Amazing episode, now give this a whirl!

This...we're big fans of this.


Watching the cast interact is adorbs.

It's the key to good stories!

More well-deserved love for Max.

So many to choose from!

Seems like it. Also, again -- nicest guy ever.

Obsessed with this.

It's a long list, to be sure.

Us too! This is the best way to spend a Tuesday!

We're digging the flashbacks, too!

Isaiah Mustafa is amazing.

Line around the block.

Notes from Jocelyn.

This room is the most fun you can have while watching the show.

Fatherly love.

So many Alec feels.

Agree times a billion!

As usual.

We actually started screaming when this happened.

We saw this picture a few months back and LOVED it.

Right? Poor guy.

Us too!

We see what you did there.

It's the truth. It's gotta be a sizable budget.


We love him too!

Fact about the title of tonight's episode!

So, THAT's what it feels like.

This line of questioning is always a surprise to us.

#MagnusTellsAll is exactly the right thing.


And they're spectacular!

It's a journey we'll take together!

This is getting pretty real.

We've been on this tip for months now.

Well this is a lot of seconds.

Good advice. Very good advice.

Jocelyn and Luke and Magnus and Clary!?

Writers. Always keeping a list handy.

Undisputed! Absolutely true!


We're into the friendship between these two.


Lightwood crosschatter!

We agree.


I mean, he's really cute, no?

A good question. Thoughts?

That's what we thought.

It's a verb now.

We were wondering this ourselves.

It's time, Angels!

We are! We totally are!

Welcome aboard, Papa Lightwood!

Just made it! Here we go!

Tonight's episode was written by this awesome lady!

So are we!

We might feature your tweets here!

The Fansites are turning out for it!

And there's this, Malec fans. (So...all of us.)

We'll be there, Alberto!

Gorgeous photo from Katherine!

Some great stuff to look forward to!

While you wait, why not add your vote to one of our groovy polls?

We're pretty excited!

Tonight! We're tweeting along with the cast, writers, and fans!

But first: this weird and amazing thing that happened since our last twitter-chat! 

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