The Episode Five Tweet Party with the Shadowhunters Cast and Writers!

We're here at Freeform HQ, hashtagging our faces off, eating lemon bars, and tweeting episode 5 like crazy! Join us!

One final thought...

From the writer of next week's episode! 

Alright gang, that's about the last of it! Head over to Periscope!

Follow this link to see Katherine, Emeraude and Isaiah!

Writers taunting actors.

VFX Wolves?!

Fan Love!

Agree. Let's bring back "Jeepers" as an exclamation.

Writer Intel...

No Hansel?


Here's what writers look like.

That wolf really made a strong impression.

Do you concur?

Oh, Gretel

He won't tell us what it is. We tried.

We all went a little parabatai crazy.

Sometime, you should definitely watch writers watch what they've written. It's amazing.

Holding out for a hero.

No kidding. They're REALLY good lemon bars.

Behind the Scenes, with Katherine McNamara. More!

Advice from the Showrunner

More love for Team Climon

Things we always suspected.

Fun fact from Katherine!

That IS peculiar...

Shout out to the Climon fans.

N' guys...

This is actually kind of amazing.

Facts about Alan Van Sprang, team.

Good to know, Isaiah!

Emeraude, answering questions!

You guys, watching the show with the writers room is crazy fun!


Excellent Question!

Dispatch from Meliorn!

Showrunner Ed Decter!

Writer Michael Reisz, team.

Emeraude's here, team!

And she's delightful. That, team, is a room full of writers and the entirety of the team at

Oh hey, Matthew!

This is just true.

Valentine and Luke! Sitting right over there!

Dom is with us in spirit.

Katherine is here! Tweeting with us!

Are you following the writers as well?

First things first! Here we go!

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