LIVE NOW! Watch The Exciting Second Episode Of Shadowhunters Season Two With Us!

What's going to happen to Jace? We are already on the edge of our seats!

You guys! Our favorite Shadowhunters are here and ready to watch episode two with you!

We love their shirts, and we love them.

Episode 2's writer, Y. Shireen Razack, is tweeting, too!

We are so excited to see what she has in store for us!

Who's excited for Malec tonight?

Only everyone.

Emeraude is supporting Jace!

Which is good, because it looks like he's going to need it. Poor Jace!

Were you shocked Jace saved Valentine?

Is Valentine starting to get to him?

Well, Aldertree hasn't changed his stance in the least!

We were kind of hoping he'd back off Jace a little...

Are you as in love with the opening credits as we are?

Were you nervous for Simon when he got called into Aldertree's office?

Or did you want to switch places with him?

That Alec and Clary scene was intense!

Alec is really upset and worried about Jace.

We feel bad for Clary, but also Alec, too.

It's obvious how much he's hurting.

Kat is worried about Clalec's friendship, too!

Here's hoping these two can make up soon.

How amazing is Clizzy's friendship?

We love these two so much.

Raphael is not cutting Simon any slack!

This could be very bad for our favorite baby vamp.

Izzy is pretty much the most amazing fighter ever.

Were you impressed with how she took on that big guy?

Poor Simon! We feel for him. He was smart to go to Magnus!

Surely our favorite Warlock can help him!

Magnus and Simon are hilarious together!

Is this the birth of an amazing new bromance?

We are hoping Simon is going to be okay!

We love Simon too much for anything to happen to him.

Are you worried about Clary?

We hope Dot's intentions are good, but we don't like where she's taken Clary...

That's a really big snake....

We're worried this isn't going to well for Simon.

Jocelyn wants to find Clary... and Jace.

Do you think Alec should help her?

This Clace scene has us on the edge of our seats.

What is happening? What is Clary saying???

We like this list!

What are your favorite scenes so far?

Awwww, Simon, we were worried, too!

We love that Simon is finding his inner badass!

We would watch this!

So long as they don't leave Shadowhunters.

We suspected something was up!

Oh, Dot, why???

We are still rooting for Dot's redemption!

And so glad Clary talked some sense into her. Thank goodness!

So Matt Daddario has a great idea for Magnus and Alec's second date...

Do you think Alec would be charmed by Magnus's thieving ways?

Matt is also soliciting tanning lotion for Alec....

Maybe this could work itself into Malec's date as well?

We are enjoying Simon's newfound confidence!

And glad that he has Magnus to help him through this.

Magnus is going to be the best mentor for Simon!

We are so relieved Jace didn't kill the werewolf!

It can't end there???

Jace??? Clary??? Alec??? We are so worried!

Thanks for watching with us! We are going to have to wait until next week to find out the answer to this question.

It's going to be a looooong week, Shadowhunters!

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