Live Now: Watch The Thrilling Shadowhunters Season 2 Premiere!

Shadowhunters, are you ready? It's happening now!

True to form, the action has already begun!

And we're on the edge of our seats...

Dominic described the premiere in three words:

Maxim said this mother/daughter scene with Kat was her first one this season!

These two have SO much catching up to do!

Magnus is concerned about Alec! #Malec

We are so worried about Jace!

There is so much happening right now!

Our minds are reeling!

What do you think of Aldertree?

Can we trust him?

It breaks our hearts when Malec fight!


Learning about his past, hunted by the Institute... Jace has it rough right now.

And according to Dom, Jace is in for a rough time!

Ack, is Aldertree showing his true colors?

Poor Luke and Simon!

Alec has his Parabatai's back... always.

These two are #BFFgoals.

Simon is still learning the ropes of being a vampire.

We totally give him points for standing up to all of those werewolves!

How amazing is this Clary and Izzy fight scene?

These two are amazing fighters!

Alec is headed to Magnus's apartment... hopefully for a make up scene!

We can't handle when they fight. #Malec

Do you think Jocelyn betrayed Clary, or is she doing the right thing?

That Malec scene has us feeling all the feels!

These two are just perfect together.

Simon almost told Clary how he feels about her!

We are dying!

Poor Simon's timing was not the best.

We are appreciating both the action and the aesthetics in this season premiere!

fans self

This fight scene has us reeling!

Did Valentine just get everything he wanted?

We're seriously worried.

Did Jocelyn really just try to *kill* Jace?

Jaws on the floor!

Still reeling from the premiere? We are! But don't turn off your TV... the two-hour premiere of Beyond starts right now!

Thanks for watching with us! Don't forget to tune in next week for episode 2!

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