Live-Tweeting the Shadowhunters Premiere With the Cast!

We know that you guys have been eagerly awaiting the premiere of the brand new show to hit Freeform. Trust us when we say that the cast of Shadowhunters are with you. Check out their reactions below to Clary's world being turned upside down.

Spoiler Alert!

What follows are tweets from the cast as they watched the first episode of Shadowhunters. So, if you've not seen episode one, may we suggest you go here to find out how to watch before you read the below! 

An awesome problem!

You never forget your first rune.

Mind bending, no?

Learning something new all the time!

Such gratitude!

This cast. FULL of helpful advice.

Katherine McNamara. Queen of hanging on to behind-the-scenes photos.

But also YES!

Here's a costume malfunction we'd not heard:

Yes, lets!

Behind the Scenes!

More advice from Matt

One of the more obvious truths about this cast.

Well said, Emeraude!

Adorable pictures from Isaiah!

Sarah Hyland is here. And killing it, tweet-wise.

Pandemonium sounds flat out GREAT.


Yes! What do you think?!

Daddario. A really good tweeter. Also not for nothing? A really nice guy.

Uhm. Gross?

Posing a question to you, the fans.


This is a good question, actually.

This is a cast that likes each other.

Jade! You guys, we met him today here at the Freeform event. He's delightful.

Makes sense.

That's fair.

Good advice from the Daddario camp.


Oh look! #ShadowhuntersChat is trending!

Wardrobe choices.

First impressions are very important!

Point of interest:

Fun fact from Katherine!

By the way, team? This is what it looks like:

Shadowhunters - Live-Tweeting the Shadowhunters Premiere With the Cast!  - 996

She's gorgeous! And delightful!


So, this happened today.

Alberto's right! Tell your friends!

Harry's here, guys. About to tweet like crazy.

Shout out to Matt's mom.

The team spent the day together and they are READY!

With Dom and Alberto at freeform/Shadowhunters party. Premiere tonight!

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We're here with the cast of Shadowhunters as they prepare to live-tweet the premiere episode!

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